About us

Historieverket is a time travel agency arranging trips to historical places and times you probably never visited - with people you've never met. It could be one 1600-century world at the Kronhuset in Gothenburg, with smiths and reporters, colorful women and guns. You can meet the king's captain and his powerful wife in the Gathenhielmska house. We can take you to the vast shelters in Kvarnberget during World War II, or invite to an extraordinary 1700s dinner in the East India House, more specifically the Becksinska källaren.

Time travel goals are mainly in Gothenburg, but are also aimed at other places with interesting historical sites and buildings. The trips are suitable for citizens, tourists, business visitors, conference participants and welcome new arrivals. With several.

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Sven Hagnell

Engaged producer, with nearly 40 years of experience in the restaurant and visitor industry. Has created and creates inspiring successful events for public audiences and business visitors.

Isabel Lagos

Theater and opera director, producer and festival organizer with twenty years of experience in Britain and Sweden. Works in Gothenburg since 2016.

Lars-Göran Larsson

Twenty years as a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has among other things run cultural tourism projects . Former International Director and Head of Representation for the City of Gothenburg. Chairman of a Swedish federation of military history associations (RSMF).

Per Sundström

Communication expert with twenty years of experience in Sweden and internationally, former Communications Vice President within the Volvo Group and journalist.

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