Guided tours and events

Historieverket provides suggestions for historical experiences and adapt to your wishes. We currently offer five events / views and are open to combinations and new ideas. Contact Sven Hagnell for more information. Tel + 46 73 350 94 14

Historical view of the Kronhuset
Exciting guiding of Gothenburg's oldest building, which carries much of Gothenburg's dramatic history. Read more here.

View of Gothenburg City Hall
Now it is possible to get a guided tour of the most famous part of Gothenburg City Hall, Asplund's extension from 1936. The impressions begin 11 September and last until the 20 December. For more information and booking.

Historical worlds
We build a historic world and tailor-made activities in the desired location. More information is available here.

Historical dinner
We invite you to an evening of historical dishes and events in the historic setting. Read more.

The Emigrants' Streets
A walking theater along "Sillgatan" (Now Postgatan), a wonderful time trip about the emigrant era in Gothenburg! More to read here.

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