Street theater - Emigrants' Way

Dreams, hopes and fears.

Over the years 1850 - 1930 emigrated 1,2 millions of Swedes to America. This corresponds to a quarter of Sweden's population, 1900. Most of them sealed from Packhuset in Gothenburg. Postgatan, which was called Sillgatan, was the big emigration street with offices, hotels, shady taverns and restaurants.

Starting from Nordstan, a dramatic walk is offered to Packhuskajen under the direction of actor Anette Sundqvist. Anette forms the maiden Mari who is on his way to America and her beloved Gilbert, who has already expired to Chicago, and is in vain for the passing away of the American boat.

The performance was held under the Culture Calendars 2018 and can be ordered exclusively for groups up to 35 people. Talk to Isabel to learn more.

Maximum number: About 30 people
Language: Swedish or English.
Length: 45 min.

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