Previous events

Historieverkets founder has for many years and in various ways worked on arranging cultural events and other types of productions. The combined experiences are now under the same roof.

Some of the projects have been transfered to Historieverket as they are. Others are under adaptation to new contexts.

Emigran's Road, Gbg (Direction & Production). # Edinburgh Fringe Festival (development and production at venues during 10 years). # Picture of Dorian Gray in 1800's house in Greenwich (regi & samproduktion). # PatioOpera in the Cordoba Art Museum (regi & arrangement). # Shakespeares The storm in Trollhättan, in building from 1903 (direction & arrangement). # The Bear, opera in the Kronhuset with and for deaf and hearing (director & production). # Doctor Glass meets contemporary composers in the Gathenhielmska House (regi & production).

SVEN HAGNELL (Project Management)
National and international corporate events during 20 years. Kronhusjul 2015 - 2016 - 2017 Christmas market with historical features # Historic tent camp Culture palace 2016 & 2017 # National Day celebration Skansen Kronan 2016 & 2017 #Culturned Skansen Kronan 2016 # Kronen 2017 # Dance through the ages, Kronhuset 2016, Dance from 1400 speech to jazz / stepp.

Schweden Strasse; IT-based Swedish-German cultural-historical cooperation between the UD, SI, the federal governments of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, regional museums, National Archives, Nonprofit Organizations (Founder, Project Leader) # Schwedenfest, Wismar (Project Manager on the Swedish side) # Generalmönst-rings; life-giving events between the Swedish National Museum of Military History (RSMF), the National Museum of Defense History / Swedish Military History Heritage (project leader) # Bilateral cultural cooperation; Germany, Mexico, Cuba (diplomat at the Swedish Embassy)

PR and Communications Manager for Swedish and international campaigns, events and product launches in Sweden, Europe and Asia. Management of integration projects (Japan) and development of web communication including social media in the European market.

Economic Association