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Historieverket was formed when four self-employed people met on a wind at Postgatan in Gothenburg at the end of last year. Everyone with historical interest, many ideas, great experience of events. It went as if by itself when the travel agency arrived.

After that many evenings of discussions and planning, incidents and dreams, the goal emerged: to work for a wider range of cultural events, to strengthen Gothenburg and Västra Götaland as a visiting destination. Simply attract more visitors and citizens to the historical destinations. That it would happen in cooperation with other actors was of course.

During the spring, contacts were interrupted. With business, County Board, Region Västra Götaland, Västarvet, The City of Gothenburg, neighboring municipalities and many historical associations and professional artists. One cooperation agreement was signed with the municipal property company Higab, which manages the major part of Gothenburg's historic buildings, including Kronhuset and Gathenhielmska House.

A number of productions are ready. Street theater, historical worlds, guided tours, activities planned for major cultural events in Göteborg, such as Kulturkalaset, Kulturnatta and KronhusJul. And more is coming, not the least in the run towards Göteborg's 400-years-anniversary in 2021.

"We have a large network of associations and artists and can start a lot more on short notice if we find funding," says Sven Hagnell, the initiator of the Swedish National History Agency, which is an economic association.

The association is to be seen as a hub in a wheel with many committed players, who can not always easily find each other for cooperation. There the association wants to help, coordinate, find funding and arenas for both own productions and for other groups and associations.

"We have talked a lot about opportunities to contribute to a stronger community in a time of strong polarization. We see our cultural heritage as an enabler, it increases understanding of what we have in common. It's a thought that inspires, says Sven Hagnell.

The four founders of Historieverket did not start empty-handed. They brought personal networks and a total of hundreds years' experience in organizing historical events, producing theater, opera and working with communication and marketing. Their individual projects are now gathered in Historieverket.

In addition to the event specialist Sven Hagnell, the group consists of Isabel Lagos – theater and opera producer, Lars-Göran Larsson – former diplomat involved in many cultural events and Per Sundström – communications and marketing expert and former Vice President within the Volvo Group.

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