... and Kronhuset opened the gates

It was not completely unexpectedly full, when Historieverket, together with Higab and Göteborg Wind Orchestra, opened for the Culture Night in the Kronhus Quarter.

Rikssalen, where Karl X called the states to Parliament 1659, fills quickly. Gothenburg Wind Orchestra plays, the artist Eva Wirén paints.

The painting grows up with the music.
Eve gets help.

Fashion show in the cafe on the second floor. Here's a glimpse of the 1600s fashion.

... and now the 1700s steps in.

In the cultural night outside the horses come as promised.

An 1700-century family is being photographed.

In one of the garrets, machinery from the 1600s is demonstrated.

Violinist Thomas Lindström waits, for the evening dressed in the form of the historical figure Father Berg. He claims to be searching for the famous poet Carl Michael Bellman, who has disappeared from Stockholm under unclear circumstances.

Father Berg speaks about the keys, gives samples and seems to be particularly fond of F-Minor.

On another wind, 1700's artist Jonas Comba sketches a new painting. (The one that hangs for the door shows Kungsporten as it was supposed to have looked when Gothenburg was a fortified city surrounded by wall and moat.)

After contributory brush strokes from various visitors, Eva Wirén's artwork is completed.

The final show is under preparation in front of Kronhuset.

It is the art-firework group Pyrox.

They call the show "A fire is burning".

With this, Kulturnatta at Kronuset is over, for this time,

Photo: Per Sundström

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