Kulturnatta at Kronhuset - a feast for all five senses

Göteborg Wind Orchestra performs in a way they have never done before. Photo: Johan Palmborg

At Kulturnatta 19 October, you can fully experience Kronhuset and it's environment. The quarter will be awakened through all five senses. Music, exhibitions, flavors, smells, touch. From 17: 00 - 22: 00.

Eva Wirén

Among other things, painting is taking place in the Kronhusets Rikssal, Gothenburg's historic heart. Sprung out of the feeling and an inner world, says the artist Eva Wirén who leads the country. Do you want to try to awaken your senses? With Eve's help, you can enter the circle with artists and create your own space with the help of intuition and ancient techniques.

During the painting Göteborg Wind Orchestra in a way it never done before. No stands, no scene, except the one you're on. At the same time, from the crown's winds, tones are heard that attract a world that has stood still for hundreds of years. Historieverket provides guided tours.

Kronhusdet's garrets from the 1600s. Photo: Per Sundström
Kronhuset's block in Västra Nordstan with entrances from Postgatan 4-8. Photo: Per Sundström

The arrangement is a collaboration between Historieverket, Göteborg Wind Orchestra and Higab - part of the Culture Night.

You are welcome!

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