The premier show of the City Hall's big media was in place

In one of the courts. Photographer Jenny Ingemarsson at work, Historieverket's Sven Hagnell, Anna Jolfors, Isabel Lagos and Daniel Bäcklund at the justice stage.

In the premiere, GP and SR received a tour of the famous building. Radio Hasse Andersson broadcasted in the morning in P4 Gothenburg. What the report Jan Andersson and the photographer Jenny Ingemarsson received is soon to be seen in Göteborgsposten.

The reason for the attention is that there have been no regular public views of the City Hall earlier, despite great interest both in Sweden and abroad. Now, Historieverket, in collaboration with Higab, will arrange guided tours twice a week, until the twenty-first of December, at the beginning. Already there have been requests from other countries.

The tour goes through the City Hall's extension from 1936, signed by internationally acclaimed architect Gunnar Asplund, counted as a pioneer for functionalism.

For information and times and bookings, go here.

Hasse Andersson from P4 Gothenburg interviews The History Board's guides Anna Jolfors and Daniel Bäcklund.
GP reporter Jan Andersson looks out over the venue together with HIsabel Lagos and Sven Hagnell from Historieverket.
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