Welcome to the City Hall - guided tours of Gothenburg's most famous building

Historieverket's guide Daniel Bäcklund shows old drawings in one of the court rooms.

The 11 September starts the History Agency guided views of Asplundian extension of Gothenburg City Hall at Gustaf Adolfs Torg. Perhaps not the most famous building among the Gothenburgs but probably the most admired internationally.

The views made in collaboration with Higab have already started with, among other things, a class of art students who had a walking tour with the History Agency's guide Daniel Bäcklund, dressed in an original 30 century costume. The cost of the costume is that the interesting part of the City Hall was built just in the 30 century. A functionalist addition, designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Gunnar Asplund, one of the pioneers for functionalism, including major works such as Stockholm City Library in Vasastaden, among the merits.

There is much to be found in Asplund's creation. The light and the open welcoming surfaces, that a functionalist space must not be square. A door must not be flat. Asplund's ideas go down to detail, with smart practical solutions to facilitate the work in the premises that served as court until 2010, when the Legal Center took over the business.

Guided tours on Tuesdays at 10: 00 and Thursdays 18: 00.

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For exclusive views and group bookings off the schedule, please contact us via radhuset@historieverket.se

Photo: Per Sundström

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  1. What time are they guided by the City Hall? Both 10.00 and 11.00 are listed, 11.00 on the website and 10.00 on the booking page.
    Thank you for the right time.
    Yours sincerely
    Barbro Tengberg

    1. Hey! Thank you for pointing out. The time in the post you read was very bad. Fixed now. Views 10: 00 should be. ./Per

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