1700s-tumult in Halden!

Ranch owner Rahmberg in the lead

The 300 Anniversary of Karl XII's death was celebrated in Norway during the weekend, at Fredriksstens fortress in Halden, a small town at Idefjorden, on the border with Sweden. The question is, why was rancher Bo Rahmberg from Veddige there?

Historieverket took a time trip from Gothenburg to 1718 in Halden, where it was said that Karl XII would have a bullet through his head. The trip did not start well. Even before the border attacked heavy rainforests that darkened the sky and, in combination with an erroneous decision in a crossroads, caused the reported military parade to be missed. Finally, at least the town square was found, where some of the shattered Carolines were found. Despite the loss of the king, they were in good mood, claiming that they had not really lost the battle of the fortress. "We simply lost the lust." They came from Norrtälje.

On the slope towards the fortress were several campsites with Karolinian soldiers and accompanying women but only a camp with the red-dressed enemy, which was also abandoned. The numerical superiority of the carolines was therefore striking. Quirky.

Somewhat later, the time turned back to 1716, when Karl XII lived alive, made another attempt to subjugate the Norwegians. Street rides at the square broke out and that was when rancher Rahmberg from Veddige appeared. He went to the main joints of the karolins and knocked on the battle drum, yes he is drummer too. We thought of the nice hamburgers we had bought from him at the Veddige Ranch just a few weeks earlier. In peace time. He passed without seeing us. Immediately behind, Historieverkets Lars-Göran marched in the blue-colored karolin cap, concentrated in himself - by the time we saw him, he was a simple 1700-speaking printer at the Kronhuset in Gothenburg. It was too much. We went home. On the way we thought about 1719 when the Norwegian-Danish commander Tordenskjold would make an attempt to enter the Gothenburg fortress. Our hometown. What shall we find then?

Photo: Per Sundström

Karolinska camp on the slope towards Fredriksstens fortress. The man in red belongs to the thermal strength (does not have the blue coat of arms on).
Norwegians or Danes. The uniforms are, in any case, Danish.
The Swedish, karolinerna
The killings in the square
The fortress itself. Fredrikstad.
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  1. The man in the karoliner camp dressed in red is a warm-tempered karolin without his blue coat of arms. 😉

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