Historical fashion show with military touch

It rained and blew the second historic camp day in Kronhus Park. But we are not made of butter! The adventures defied the weather. Here are some pictures from the fashion show that showed how people looked, from 1600 numbers to M59.

In the 1600s. Pretty free, but important to show social class.
1600s and early 1700s pretzel bakers
Young karoliner with ladies
Clearly in the 1700s. Better order.
1700s' hat.
Wealthy woman in th XNUMXs.
A maid
Almost today. To the right, in the early 1900s and still decorative. On the left the way to M59, the modern functional uniform that we elderly had the honor to bear under the military duty.

Those who show off the clothes are non-profit historical associations who mostly know why it looked like it did, and gladly tells about it. On Sunday there is a chance to meet them and find out about the details. The camp in Kronhus Park is open from 12 to 16.

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